Health guide - strengthen your health

Our health is our greatest asset, and we should all endeavour to preserve and nurture it. According to an Italian saying, “Health is salt. You only notice when it’s missing.” Health is much more than just the non-existence of illnesses. Our goal should be to preserve a healthy sense of well-being a whole life long.
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Health guide - strengthen your health

Life expectancy is actually increasing from generation to generation. And even today people who are 60 years old can fortunately look forward to another 20 years of life. But a change in the attitude towards oneself and one’s own health is also associated with increasing age. Self-sufficiency as well as healthcare increases with age and is no longer left to doctors.

You will find lots of useful information on the following pages! For example, our nutrition is a very important point in the prevention of diseases. Because with a varied and healthy diet we lay the foundation for an adequate supply of essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements, healthy fatty acids and secondary plant substances. But studies actually show that broad levels of the population are undersupplied with important nutrients.

Our physical activity is another important cornerstone of healthcare that we have in our own hands. Anyone who does not get enough exercise risks health consequences such as postural defects, overweight or high blood pressure. Based on genetics, a human is simply geared to cover several kilometres a day.

In the process, it is usually quite easy to integrate more exercise in everyday life. Regular long walks, a nice bike ride or going out with friends and colleagues to enjoy club sports - all this makes us more balanced and enhances our self-esteem. Because only where there is exercise, is there also life!

Knowledge also keeps you healthy: on the following pages you can supplement your health knowledge. Here you will find detailed information about areas such as eye health, cardiovascular system, blood, joints or muscles. 

We hope to be able to provide you with lots of interesting and important information regarding the maintenance and preservation of our health, also in terms of active prevention for avoidance of illnesses and physiological deficiency symptoms on the following pages.