Not only our body should be regularly trained, our brain also requires daily challenges. Technical aids such as computers and mobile phones often take on jobs which our brain would otherwise have to do in everyday life. Important appointments, birthdays or minor arithmetic problems are often too quickly left to technology. Of course this is usually very comfortable, but our grey cells also require training.
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In fact, the human brain only uses a small portion of its over 100 billion nerve cells. Anyone who does not regularly exercise their brain and repeatedly expose it to new stimuli will soon notice that their mental performance decreases, forgetfulness increases and concentration problems arise. The natural ageing process also usually reduces the number of brain cells.

But don’t worry! By means of targeted brain jogging and memory training we can exercise our brain and preserve or even enhance our mental abilities.

Memory training – playfully easy with Sudoku, memory game and knowledge quiz

Ask around in your circle of acquaintances: almost everyone has something that they can remember quite well or can quickly solve tasks. Remembering telephone numbers or solving arithmetic problems is usually an easy task for people who regularly deal with numbers. Image tasks such as a memory game or an image quiz are often somewhat more difficult.

But by means of regular memory training you can also specifically improve performance in certain areas, because recurring learning processes can create new connections between nerve cells. The ability to cope in unknown situations and to solve problems is promoted by means of brain jogging.

For example, with memory training provided by Doppelherz you can specifically strengthen your visual as well as cognitive skills by means of a memory game or Sudoku.      

Train your brain in a playfully easy manner! Take part in our free brain jogging exercises and get started by means of Sudoku or the memory game provided by Doppelherz!