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Omega-3 Multi-talented for
your health
Omega-3 fatty acids matter

Omega-3 fatty acids are of particular importance. They occur in special vegetable oils, nuts and above all, and in their most effective form, in sea fish. Many people hear "fatty acids" and think of fat in general. But there are major differences!

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Doppelherz dietary supplements and health products

For decades the company Queisser Pharma has stood for the preservation and maintenance of health with its great Doppelherz brand. We support the healthy sense of responsibility exhibited by modern, self-confident consumers with a large number of dietary supplements and health products. 

At the same time, our competence has spread significantly in many health sectors. The Doppelherz brand initially became well-known trough the Energy Tonic for strengthening the heart and circulation, but many new products have grown far beyond this field of indication in the meantime. Today many people appreciate out popular products for the most varying health sectors.

Our range of products includes numerous dietary supplements, medical products such as diet shakes and fat binders as well as over-the-counter medicines. 

A wide range of products

Popular dietary supplements which contain high quality nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, trace elements or certain fatty acids in optimal dosage form the main focus of Doppelherz products. We offer all products in various, modern dosage forms. 

The large range of products includes areas of application such as vitamins and minerals, but also beauty products as well as preparations for energy and performance. In addition to preparations for the heart, Doppelherz® also offers products for improving gastrointestinal activity, the cardiovascular system, nerves and calming as well as agents for strengthening the immune defence. The product range is rounded off by products for mother and child as well as the whole family. Because pregnancy and breastfeeding or otherwise burdensome situations entailing stress and physical exertion make the demand for nutrients increase. High-quality Doppelherz dietary supplements support our nutrition in times with these increased burdens or when we are not able to have an optimally balanced diet. 

International markets

In addition to classic European markets, we also focus on the regions of South America, for example with Argentina as an important sales market as well as the booming markets in the Middle East, Africa and in Asia, especially China. We know that “all business is local”, which is why our own sales teams work together in our core export areas and hand in hand with regional sales partners. Sustainable business relations based on mutual trust are our objective.

Self-medication and the use of dietary supplements are already widespread in Europe. But this does not apply to all regions in the world. We support our sales partners locally with detailed product information, country-specific marketing materials and training courses provided by our employees.

Health in our contemporary society 

A trend is becoming recognisable with the increasing age of our society: the effort to provide our body with everything necessary at an early stage in order to reach old age vigorously and actively. Today you can not only rely on doctors to support your own health. You can take your health in your own hands with self-responsibility.

We would also be pleased to be able to count you among our satisfied users and promise you to always give our best. Naturally everything will be in the proven quality which you are accustomed to from Doppelherz and which you can trust - because health is our greatest asset!