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Movement is the key to health

Regular physical activity improves one’s performance and sense of well-being. And it also raises self-esteem and social standing. But it is important to pay attention to adequate nutrition.

It's never too late for exercising!

Our modern lifestyle with the wide variety of transportation means has led many to neglect movement and sport. However they are an important prerequisite for staying healthy and happy. Engaging in sports starts a whole series of biological processes in the body: calories are consumed, and body fat is burned instead of sugar. And the metabolism is also stimulated.

Endurance training for 30 minutes 2-3 times per week is all it takes in the beginning. Every type of movement (e.g. jogging or Nordic walking) exerts a positive effect on the organism. In recent years research has shown that successful results can be achieved very quickly, even if someone does not take up sport and movement until late in life. 

So it’s never too late to take up sports! The important thing is to pay attention to our bodies at all times and not to demand too much from ourselves too soon.

Nearly two thirds of all Germans over 16 years of age consider sports as important for health. The remaining third, on the other hand, believe that you can also live a healthy life without sports.
But engaging in sports can have a positive effect on the body in so many ways:

Strengthening of muscles and of the cardiovascular system:
Physical exertion builds muscles – including the heart muscle. The heart discharges more blood and therefore does not have to beat so fast when at rest. 

Good for the brain:
Blood flow and oxygen supply improve. New neural pathways can be generated, and memory, concentration and creativity can be enhanced.

Lowering of the cholesterol level:
Anyone who engages in sports on a regular basis can decrease bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL). 

Reduce your risk of diabetes:
Using muscles causes them to consume, among other things, sugar. That lowers the blood sugar level – and also reduces the demand for insulin (the hormone which lowers blood sugar) at the same time. 

The mood improves:
Engaging in sport activity enables us to clear our head and makes it easier for us to switch off. Unlike in our daily lives, with sports we tend to see successful experiences and goals – our mood improves because we have accomplished something.

Weight control: 
Along with energy consumption, sport also raises the basal metabolic rate (energy consumption of the body at rest).

Elastic and stable bones:
Movement causes the muscles to exert pressure or tension on the bones – this incites the bones to accumulate even more calcium, thereby making them stronger.

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Help your body!

The metabolism of people who engage in sports is like an engine running continuously at high speed. People who participate in sports on a regular basis not only need more energy-supplying nutrients (such as carbohydrates), but also more essential micro-nutrients such as vitamins and minerals – the “spark plugs of our metabolism.”  

If the body does not receive an optimal supply of micro-nutrients, it cannot achieve high performance and fitness. The body is capable of performing only when it is supplied with all of the necessary nutrients. 

Athletes and physically active people may have an increased consumption of minerals, trace elements and vitamins, due to their elevated energy demand, increased muscle build-up and higher rate of secretion through sweat. 

Doppelherz Sport DIRECT with vitamins and minerals supplies you with selected nutrients which aid normal energy metabolism and the normal functioning of muscles and nerves.

The magnesium it contains assists normal energy metabolism and contributes to normal muscle function. They also promote electrolyte balance. Calcium is needed to maintain normal bones and aids normal coagulation. It also contains a combination of important B vitamins, which play a decisive role in energy metabolism.

The new micro pellets formula makes it easy to take Doppelherz Sport DIRECT away from home and without water. That’s why this dosage form is particularly well-suited for supplying the body with minerals, trace elements and the important B vitamins rapidly after the sport activity ends – ideal when away from home or in case of difficulty with swallowing tablets.