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Skin & Coat Complex for cats

Creamy licks in a sachet
Dietetic complementary feed
Skin & Coat Complex for cats
Skin & Coat Complex for cats
Skin & Coat Complex for cats
Skin & Coat Complex for cats

  • For the support of skin function in the case of dermatosis and excessive loss of hair
  • Contains important omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
  • Brewer's yeast and zinc
  • With biotin and copper
  • Combined with vitamins B, E and A
  • Supplementary feed in palatable form as creamy licks
No artificial flavors
No artificial flavors
No artificial colors
No artificial colors
No added sugar
No added sugar

Supports skin function in cats with excessive hair loss and dermatosis

In addition to the very individual behaviour typical of cats, the coat is an important indicator of health. With its extensive daily grooming, the cat already takes great care of its own skin health by cleaning even the densest fur down to the skin with its specially designed tongue.

Nevertheless, owners should also keep an eye on the condition of the skin and coat in order to recognise possible
changes promptly.

Doppelherz Skin & Coat Complex for cats is full of important nutrients that support you and your cat in getting dermatoses and excessive hair loss under control by promoting the regeneration processes and functions of the skin.

  • Omega-3 and omega-6 are essential fatty acids that support the skin's defenses and membrane stability.
  • Biotin and B vitamins promote metabolism and contribute to skin health. Brewer's yeast is a natural supplier of biotin and thus supports the optimal care of skin and coat.
  • Zinc and copper are trace elements that are particularly important for healthy skin. Zinc also supports wound healing, including in dermatoses.
  • Vitamins E and A are responsible for the natural regeneration of the skin and cell protection.

Much more than a snack

We are sure: your cat will love the creamy consistency of Doppelherz Skin & Coat Complex Licks.
Nevertheless, this is much more than just a treat. The Licks offer a high-quality feed supplement with a sensible combination of nutrients for the support of skin function in the case of dermatosis and excessive loss of hair - combined with a practical and tasty delivery form that will convince even fussy cats.

Biotin for skin and coat of cats

The coenzyme biotin supports cell growth and thus the regeneration of skin and hair. It is essential for the integrity of the skin and has an important role in the synthesis of keratin, the basic substance forskin epithelia, hair and claws.

These important properties of biotin make it one of the central nutrients for combating excessive hair loss and supporting the skin. Together with vitamins B1 + B2 + B6 + B12, it thus makes an essential contribution to maintaining healthy skin. Doppelherz Skin & Coat Complex Licks contain yeast, among other ingredients. What sounds like an inconspicuous ingredient actually contains a real treasure trove of nutrients: Yeast is a supplier of high-quality biotin and many other nutrients.

Dietetic complementary feed for cats
For the support of skin function in the case of dermatosis and excessive loss of hair


Meat and animal by-products, oils and fats (incl. salmon oil 3 %, borage oil 1%), brewer's yeast (2 %), milk protein

Analytical constituents

Crude protein 4 %, crude fat 4 %, crude fibre 1.5 %, crude ash 2 %, moisture 86 %, linoleic acid 5.8 g/kg, sum of eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid 0.7 g/kg

Additives (nutritional) per kg

Zinc (3b605) 500 mg, Copper (3b405) 50 mg, Vitamin E (3a700) 6000 mg, Vitamin A (3a672a) 30.000 IU, vitamin B1 (E3a821) 80 mg, vitamin B2 (3a825i) 50 mg, vitamin B6 (3a831) 40 mg, vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) 0.25 mg, pantothenic acid (3a841) 60 mg, niacin (3a315) 400 mg, biotin (3880) 75

High content of linoleic acid (LA) and the sum of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

Feeding recommendation

Feed 1 sachet daily. For cats of all ages and breeds.
Please consume each sachet within 1 day of opening and always provide fresh drinking water.
Feed Doppelherz Skin & Coat Complex to your cat directly from the sachet, pure in the bowl or as an addition to the daily food.

Recommended feeding duration up to 2 months. It is recommended to seek the advice of a veterinarian before use.

The maximum amount of 10% of the total daily ration should not be exceeded due to the increased zinc and copper content.

GTIN: 4009932139907