Memory game

Have you ever played a memory game with children and clearly lost while doing so? Don’t worry! That happens with many adults, because children concentrate only on the cards with this game. On the other hand, adults often have many other things on their mind and quickly lose track with this game. The images seen are simply deleted from short-term memory.

A person needs an efficient short-term memory and a high ability to concentrate to easily master a memory game. Visual short-term memory is particularly strengthened with this game. The location of briefly uncovered and reversed cards must be quickly memorised. But if too much new information or distractions come along, the “old” data are deleted and replaced by new data. However, you can quickly improve by means of regular exercise.

The well-known game “I packed my suitcase and in it I put…” is a nice and also simple group game for training short-term memory. The suitcase packing list is completed by alternating players until all of the mentioned objects can no longer be listed in the correct order. This game is particularly well-suited for anyone on the go because it does not require any aids.

But start now with the nice memory game and bring your short-term memory up to speed. A little tip: you should really play this game only if you have time and do not have any other things on your mind. Then you’ll quickly have more success!

We wish you lots of fun and success!