Native collagen Il for dogs and cats

Non-denatured type Il collagen is a protein that is a natural component of cartilage tissue. Regular oral administration creates a tolerance that can stop inflammation in the joint.
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The special feature of native collagen Il is the preserved original structure, as it also occurs in the body. On the one hand, collagen is an important building block of the joint cartilage, on the other hand, a supply can achieve positive effects via a very special mechanism:

Joint Complex for dogs
Doppelherz for animals
Joint Complex for dogs
Delicious and healthy chews
  • Contains important omega-3 fatty acids to support of the metabolism of joints in the case of osteoarthritis
  • With native collagen type Il, green-lipped mussel powder and Indian frankincense (Boswellia serrata)
  • Combined with vitamin E
  • Supplementary feed in palatable form as Chew

In joint problems, cartilage components and thus also collagen can be released and come into contact with the synovium. The body's immune system reacts to this released collagen and triggers inflammation. However, if a small amount of exactly this collagen - and the native, preserved structure is important for this - is fed daily, the dog's immune system regularly comes into contact with this substance and over time recognises it as "normal". This process is called oral tolerance formation. The result is that released collagen in the joint is no longer recognised as problematic by the body and the subsequent inflammation does not occur.

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