Dog Health

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For a long dog life full of vitality

What could be better than taking long, relaxing walks with your dog? Watching him romp around with other dogs? Going swimming with him if he is a water lover? Taking him to dog school or even dog sports like agility? We could continue this list endlessly, because probably every dog owner can think of a very individual activity that he and his four-legged friend particularly enjoy doing together.

The basis for all these undertakings is health. A vital dog full of energy and joie de vivre is an enrichment for every family. No matter what age. When the dog is happy and pain-free, its human is also well. But of course dogs can also get sick. Then the veterinary practice is the first port of call to get the patient back on all fours. In addition, the right food also plays a major role in helping the dog to recover.

Thus, an optimised diet can help with existing problems or, in the best case, even prevent these problems from developing. There is a wide range of essential nutrients that are of high quality, highly dosed and cleverly combined to support the dog in becoming and staying healthy.

If you would like to know what you can do for your dog, we cordially invite you to take a look at our "Dog Health" theme world. You are sure to find lots of interesting information and one or two tips to help you live with your happy and healthy dog for a long time to come.