Cat Health

Katze liegt auf Sofalehne

For a long cat life full of vitality

Every owner knows what he particularly appreciates about his cat: the beautiful appearance, the elegant movements and this very special way of getting his way. It is precisely the fact that every cat has its very own strong personality - self-confident, independent and curious - that makes it exactly the kind of house cat that enriches the life of the whole family. When she then lies curled up next to her human on the sofa and purrs, all is well with the world for everyone.

In order for the cat to be able to be out and about for hours on end as an outdoor cat or to play extensively and devote itself to grooming as an indoor cat, it is of course important that it is healthy. This is the basis for well-being and contentment in our pets just as it is for us humans. Of course, it can still happen that the animal falls ill. In that case, the veterinarian is always the first port of call to see now the patient can be helped.

However, many diseases can be prevented from an early age with the right nutrition. Even in young kittens, attention should be paid to providing age-appropriate essential nutrients to enable healthy growth. For all phases of the cat's life, there are various ingredients and active substances that help it to stay healthy for a long time or that can support therapy for already existing problems.

Take your time and look around on the following pages in our "Cat Health" theme world. Here you will find lots of good things for your cat. And with our innovative and extremely tasty products, it's not difficult to elicit a happy meow from even your fussiest cat.