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Doppelherz Haemo Vital

Food supplement
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Doppelherz Haemo Vital
  • Iron-enriched formula
  • Supports blood formation
  • Food supplement
Available online and in your local drugstore.
glutenfree glutenfree
lactosefree lactosefree
Available online and in your local drugstore.
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Iron deficiency affects the health of millions of people, especially women and children, in several countries worldwide. Anaemia may develop when the daily diet is low in iron. 
In this case it is recommended to take an iron supplement such as Doppelherz® aktiv Haemo Vital.

A good iron supply is particularly important for growing children above 10, menstruating and pregnant women and for vegetarians. 

In addition to its requirement for haemoglobin and red blood cell formation, iron is also needed to keep a healthy immune system and to pull energy out of the food.
Four good reasons to prefer the haematinic formulation of Doppelherz® aktiv Haemo Vital:

  • It is gentle on the stomach.
  • Copper promotes iron transport to the bone marrow where red blood cells are synthesized.
  • Zinc and Vitamin A are essential for proper red cell division.
  • Vitamins B2, B6 and B12 support metabolic pathways related to blood formation.
Application & Composition
Ingredients per tablets
Iron 20 mg
Zinc 5 mg
Copper 500 μg
Vitamin A 400 μg
Vitamin B2 1,4 mg
Vitamin B6 1,4 mg
Vitamin B12 2,5 μg
Consumption recommendation:

Take 1 tablet daily at meal with enough liquid. Do not chew.


Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dosage! Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. The product should be stored out of the reach of children.


20 mg Iron, 5 mg Zinc, 500 μg Copper, 400 μg Vitamin A, 1.4 mg VItamin B2, 1.4 mg Vitamin B6, 2.5 μg Vitamin B12