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German engineering for your health

German engineering for your health

The brand Doppelherz has a long tradition in Germany, where it is synonymous of reliability and high quality in the health sector. Doppelherz offers dietary supplements made of best-grade vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and special nutrients to support an active and healthy way of life.

Doppelherz – The power of the two hearts

Our factory in Flensburg, Germany, is GMP-certified to ensure customers that the greatest care is taken to provide them with high-end products of excellent quality.

Whether at home, at school, at work or during leisure time, whether you are young, middle-aged or elderly, stress and hectic of everyday life may cause a change in your nutritional requirements. Doppelherz products are designed to help your organism to better respond to increased or specific nutritional needs.

Our team of developers has several years of dedicated experience in the conception of useful and successful dietary supplements. They use up-to-date scientific information to assemble plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and trace elements and compose Doppelherz products to support your health and your well-being.

German customers have long recognized it: with products such as Magnesium 400, the best-selling magnesium dietary supplement in Germany, Doppelherz is dietary supplement leading brand in Germany and in other European countries.

Doppelherz brings solutions to many nutritional issues, whether related to bone and heart health, to immunity, to cognition, specific to women or to men.

Doppelherz dietary supplements: German quality you can rely on!

History of the Doppelherz brand


This year, the German chemist Josef Peter Hennes from Essen developed the original recipe for today’s Energy Tonic based on herbs and other natural ingredients.He nnes called his product “Doppelherz”. The Doppelherz pharmaceutical firm, which he founded, produced and sold the tonic with great success.


The popularity of the tonic grows quickly thanks to intensive advertising campaigns. The striking brand symbol, consisting of two hearts, soon became the embodiment of vitality, health and well-being for millions.

In the fifties, elegant and cheerful housewives dressed in the brand-specific colours red and black promote the tonic.  


The unique Doppelherz TV appearance makes history in 1982. This TV publicity campaign launched in the early eighties and over many years quickly attained cult status and is still held in fond memory by many customers today.


The Doppelherz gift package and a special Christmas TV spot help the Doppelherz tonics become the best-selling health product during the Christmas season. Santa Claus personally joins Doppelherz’s marketing efforts and captures the hearts of consumers in 1998 and 1999.


The great variety of the new range of products is presented, among other things, in the new TV campaign in 1999. Our motto: For all who see the world with their hearts.


The Doppelherz brand is not only synonymous with just the famous tonic anymore.

Based on the motto “Everything the heart desires”, Doppelherz invests its full know-how to develop new products.

Doppelherz has become one of the leading brands in the product segments garlic, ginseng, vitamins, minerals and Omega-3 preparations in addition to its alcohol-free and sugar-free tonic (Vital Tonic N).


The product range is expanded by the addition of diverse new products in the area of vitamins and minerals.

New products are released in the segments Magnesium, A-Z vitamins, Calcium, B Complex, Magnesium+Calcium, Folic Acid, Iron+C, L-carnitine+Magnesium, Silica, Hawthorn, Artichoke coated tablets, Zinc+Histidine, etc.


New Doppelherz products have been developed and successfully launched on the market.

New market segments were opened up with Doppelherz’s Joint Capsules 600, Joint Capsules 500, Doppelherz Active Meno, Doppelherz Meno Red Clover, Doppelherz Eye Vital+Lutein, Doppelherz Salmon Oil 1000mg, Doppelherz Devil’s Claw coated tablets, etc.


The brand expands its product range again:

  • Doppelherz Magnesium 400mg+B6+B12,
  • Doppelherz Calcium800mg Direct
  • Doppelherz Iodine+Folic Acid+Iron
  • Doppelherz Magnesium+Calcium DIRECT


The new exclusive product line for pharmacies was developed. Products that are available exclusively in pharmacies are developed under the “Doppelherz system” label.

New products in this line include:

  • Doppelherz system JOINT 700
  • Doppelherz system HEART 3 COMPACT
  • Doppelherz system MENO PLUS
  • Doppelherz system MAGNESIUM+ CALCIUM
  • Doppelherz system MAGNESIUM + POTASSIUM
  • Doppelherz system EYE SIGHT + PROTECTION

New products in the range:

  • Doppelherz Magnesium + Potassium
  • Doppelherz Calcium 750 + Biotin
  • Doppelherz Body Balance
  • Doppelherz Coenzyme Q10 (liquid)
  • Doppelherz Hair Formula
  • Doppelherz Lecithin + DHA + Copper

Doppelherz gets a new website in the form of a comprehensive communication portal on the Internet.


New products this year:

  • Doppelherz Minerals for Woman
  • Doppelherz Sleep-aid Tablets
  • Doppelherz Magnesium + Chrome
  • Doppelherz Laxative Capsules
  • Doppelherz Artichoke - Milk thistle


The range extension successfully continued:

  • Doppelherz Sun Vitamins
  • Doppelherz Nutritional Yeast
  • Doppelherz Vital Pregna
  • Doppelherz Sabal Pumpkin Capsules
  • Doppelherz Bile Tablets
  • Doppelherz Pumpkin Seed
  • Doppelherz Capsules against Bloating
  • Doppelherz Ginkgo Capsules
  • Doppelherz Black Cumin + Biotin
  • Doppelherz Effervescent Tablets Magnesium + Calcium + D3
  • Doppelherz Effervescent Tablets Magnesium 400
  • Doppelherz Effervescent Tablets Magnesium + Potassium
  • Doppelherz Effervescent Tablets Minerals for Women
  • Doppelherz Effervescent Tablets Calcium 1000 + D3 Osteo
  • Doppelherz A - Z DIRECT
  • Doppelherz Zinc DIRECT
  • Doppelherz Sports DIRECT
  • Doppelherz Active Defenses DIRECT
  • Doppelherz Echinacea Capsules


New product developments in 2010:

  • Doppelherz system GLUCOSAMINE HYDROCHLORIDE 750 mg
  • Doppelherz system EYES TEARS FILM
  • Doppelherz system OMEGA-3 CONCENTRATE
  • Doppelherz Ginkgo + Hawthorn
  • Doppelherz Effervescent tablets A-Z
  • Doppelherz Effervescent tablets Vitamin C
  • Doppelherz Cranberry
  • Doppelherz Chewable Tablets Magnesium
  • Doppelherz Chewable Tablets Calcium
  • Doppelherz Chewable Tablets Magnesium + Calcium
  • Doppelherz Anti Stress
  • Doppelherz Blood Pressure - Vessels
  • Doppelherz Immune Plus
  • Doppelherz Caffeine - Energy


Further products were launched also this year:

  • Doppelherz Effervescent Tablets Glucosamine 600
  • Doppelherz Men's Health
  • Doppelherz Omega-3 + Ginkgo
  • Doppelherz Siliceous Earth PLUS
  • Doppelherz Vital Eyes Night and Day
  • Doppelherz system OMEGA-3 Junior
  • Doppelherz Digestion + Enzyme
  • Doppelherz Hot Cranberry
  • Doppelherz Hot Elderberry


New products in the range:

  • Doppelherz Hot Pomegranate
  • Doppelherz Vital Pregna SYSTEM
  • Doppelherz Cranberry+ Pumpkin
  • Doppelherz Energy Start DIRECT
  • Doppelherz Cranberry + Pomegranate DIRECT
  • Doppelherz Women's Health
  • Doppelherz Vitamin D 600 I.E.
  • Doppelherz Omega-3 1300
  • Doppelherz system Cranberry + Pomegranate
  • Doppelherz system Vitamin B12 PLUS

Doppelherz starts to communicate with customers via social media channels and starts the Facebook page.


Still launching new products:

  • Doppelherz Skin + Hair + Nails
  • Doppelherz Vitamin B12
  • Doppelherz Artichoke + Olive Oil + Turmeric
  • Doppelherz Liver Function Capsules
  • Doppelherz Iron Femin DIRECT
  • Doppelherz Vitamin D 800 I.U.
  • Doppelherz Antarctic krill system