Health News

Our eyes – Our most precious sense

“Cherished like the apple of his eye” – that figure of speech underscores the huge importance we place on our sense of sight. Anyone with poor vision misses many things, whether text information, image information or social contacts.

Happy Baby – tips for two!

I’m pregnant!
This news changes the life of a woman in many respects.

Many women then wish to prepare themselves in an optimal way for the period which lies ahead. It is the time to find an optimal blend of relaxation, movement and the right food for oneself and the baby...

Movement is the key to health


Regular physical activity improves one’s performance and sense of well-being. And it also raises self-esteem and social standing. But it is important to pay attention to adequate nutrition…

Omega-3 – the jack-of-all-trades from the sea

An alert mind is incredibly important today and essentially determines how well we are able to face our demanding challenges. Now one thing is clear: eating fish is clever…

Magnesium and calcium – for the heart, bones and muscles

Our body is a masterpiece comprised of 206 bones and 656 muscles which give us stability and strength.

To supply them with nutrients and energy, the heart pumps more than 7,000 litres of blood through our circulatory system every day. In order for it all to function well – and to ensure that it all continues to function well in the future – the body needs the minerals magnesium and calcium.