The Meaning of a healthy Lifestyle

The meaning of a healthy LifestyleTalking about lifestyle is like talking about your universe. While lifestyle is often trivialized as the decision between hedonism and ascetic behaviour, it is actually much more than this.

If you are willing to expand your horizon than your lifestyle develops from everything you think, the decisions you make, your beliefs, the lies and truths you understand, tell and live by. So it is not only what you do, but why you do it!

Furthermore, lifestyle is about the pictures you create when planning and thinking of your life in general and your future. It's about your feelings when you get what you want and when you don't get what you want. We know that stress is often the difference between things you want in life and things you get in life. The greater the difference, the more stress!

Your lifestyle reveals in the morning when you get up, during the whole day, when you lay down to sleep, in your dreams and imagination. When you reach for it, you live your lifestyle. Modern times often require a lot of subordination, so that you cannot live your life you actually want to. You work for money, appreciation, luxus and other things that plaster the really important things in life. When you live in guilt or with anger and fear you are close to giving up your true self. It is just the same when you accept external negative believes and live with the feeling that you have sinned.

This is just the time when unhappiness occurs. Lifestyle becomes a burden and we begin to destroy ourselves. This might be the time when doubts arise and the really important things are falling out of sight. When we do things that are harmful to ourselves the consequences may be smoking, drinking, drug abuse, affairs, lies, cheating and depression.

That is why it is so important to hold on for a while and think about your life, your dreams and your future. Point out the things that are really important to you. Do not only care about the things that are important and urgent (efficiency) but also about the things that are important but not urgent (effectiveness). This second group of things is often neglected. The consequence is that the first group, and therefore the stress in life, gets bigger and bigger. You will see that this classification will automatically lead to a much better lifestyle.