Staying healthy

Staying HealthyBehavioural rules in the case of high cholesterol levels

In the case of high cholesterol levels, and irrespective of the behavioural rules observed below, consultation with your doctor is essential. Avoid above all foods rich in cholesterol, e.g., egg yolk, meals prepared with many eggs, and offal.

Reduce fat consumption.

Almost all animal source foods, such as meat, sausages, poultry and game, milk rich in fat and dairy products, butter and cheese, have a particularly high content of cholesterol and fat. It is therefore reasonable to have less animal source foods on the menu. Watch out for hidden fats, e.g., in sausages, pastries and cakes!

Eating the right fats.

Foodstuffs containing primarily saturated fatty acids (e.g., butter) should be replaced with foodstuffs rich in unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, e.g., plant oils, highly nutritious plant margarine or coldwater fish (e.g., salmon, mackerel, herring).

Eat plenty of vegetables, pulses and wholegrain products. This automatically has a satiating effect and thus avoids further weight gain. Furthermore, dietary fibre lowers the cholesterol level.

A varied diet containing plenty of wholegrain products, fruit, vegetables, salad, potatoes, low-fat milk and dairy products will help you to get your cholesterol level under control.

Regular exercise and losing excess weight are helpful in lowering blood cholesterol levels.