dh-brandThe story of Queisser Pharma began in 1897 with a small pharmaceutical factory in Hamburg.

Having completed his pharmacy studies, the young Alfred Queisser set out from Lausitz in the Dresden district and made his way to Hamburg to seek his fortune as a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products.

He decided to specialise in the production of health and care products such as cremes, liquid soaps and toothpaste. Despite some setbacks and difficulties Mr. Queisser was rewarded by steady growth in his business. He owed his success to a unique set of skills.

The second strand of the Queisser Pharma story began with Josef Peter Hennes, a druggist from Essen. In 1919, using herbs and other natural ingredients, Mr. Hennes developed the original formula for what is now known as Doppelherz® Energie-Tonikum (Doppelherz Energy Tonic). He founded a company, also called Doppelherz, and went on to manufacture and successfully market his new tonic.

Both companies were eventually merged to form "Queisser Pharma". Then, in the late 1970s, Queisser Pharma was purchased by Dethleffsen Holding, a long-established family firm based in Flensburg which can trace its roots back to the original founding of its head office in Flensburg in 1738.

Since 1987 Queisser Pharma has had its registered office in Flensburg.