Quality assurance at Doppelherz

queisser-qualitaet-laborQueisser Pharma attaches great importance to the quality of its products.

Besides the stringent requirements of Germany’s Pharmaceuticals Act, we adhere to our own demanding quality standards, to which we are committed as a manufacturer of high-quality brand products. Rigorous testing begins with raw materials which are subjected to strictest quality standards that are also prescribed by law.

In the case of common herbal raw materials, priority is placed primarily on microbiology and testing for pesticides and other undesirable contaminants. Our production facilities reflect the latest state of technology. Doppelherz products undergo constant quality control throughout the entire production process.

Every product is only released for shipment and sales after thorough testing and compliance with the quality standards. Thus, you can rest assured that you always get the familiar Doppelherz products in the usual high quality.

In addition to our high quality standards, we also attach importance to maintaining dialogue with our customers. We are committed to taking any and all customer suggestions and requests serious and incorporating them directly into the development of new products and optimization of products. Only by doing so are we able to respond optimally to our customers’ needs.