Our philosophy

philosophyThe heart is our sixth sense. It realizes the important moments of life more intense than any other sense.

Who gets caught by the hecticness of life loses sight of the many beautiful moments that it has in store for us day by day. Just these moments are the little wonders of life only visible to those who see the world with their heart. Then it is time to briefly hold on and to listen to your heart. It is time to follow it and to focus on those little moments in which the cordiality of life reveals.

Naturally those who want to see the world with their heart should have a healthy cardiovascular system.

How much time do we spent on personal hygiene each day and how much time do we actually think about our ' inner life ' as well. Our body, heart and circular flow also deserve attention and care.

The heart makes a great job by beating a hundred thousand times per day. The blood transports more than thousand liters of oxygen through one hundred thousand kilometers of veins to all regions in the body. At this juncture our body needs help from us. Doppelherz® would like to assist you to support your body.

Doppelherz® products - produced on the basis of natural ingredients, vitamins, mineral nutrients and trace elements - make a contribution to the conservation of your healthy cardiovascular system.

By this you will be able to enjoy the cordial moments of life that lie ahead and to see the world with your heart.